Artificial Intelligence – Rapid Growth And The Need For Women

The word robot comes from the Czech word ‘robota’ which means ‘slave’ or ‘worker’ 

A number of recent media reports have discussed the rapid development of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly and presents a number of risks. British scientist who has contributed to artificial intelligence has recently told Sky News that powerful AI systems “cannot be controlled” and “are already causing harm“. Furthermore, he stated that “we do not understand how these more powerful systems work. We do not know what they are capable of. Therefore, we cannot control them, we cannot get them to behave.” There are significant risks involved. A professor from Oxford University called for the regulation of artificial intelligence earlier in the year.

Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, 2019 Toronto

Geoffrey Hinton, the man who is often referred to as the godfather of artificial intelligence, recently resigned from Google, citing concerns over the flood of misinformation, the potential destabilisation of the job market, and the “existential risk” that AI poses. The field of artificial intelligence is currently under intense scrutiny. However, other concerns with AI are being overlooked, such as inequality and biases.

What is the impact of unconscious bias on artificial intelligence?

This is a list of ideas that could have an impact on our actions. This may result in algorithmic or digital artefact errors that negatively affect one section of a community over another. The use of artificial intelligence risk assessment software by law courts in the United States is an example of this. It was calculated using this software that African Americans accused of committing crimes had a higher risk of reoffending than their white counterparts when in fact, they were less likely to do so (Fefegha, 2018).

Unconscious bias: what is it?

The unconscious bias is the act of making snap judgements about the people we meet, categorizing them according to their gender, social status, and other characteristics

What can be done to address unconscious bias in artificial intelligence (AI)?

We must develop ways for AI to utilise information regarding unconscious bias from various groups and backgrounds to make decisions and offer solutions to pressing problems.

In AI algorithms, why is diversity more important than ever before?

Diversity in AI algorithms, as well as inclusivity and the inclusion of community voices, are important considerations.

There is a need for women in artificial intelligence

The inclusion of a male and female approach will ensure that AI is approached from a balanced perspective. As opposed to an all-male aggressive approach.

The robots can then be more culturally representative of Ai robots rather than being based on stereotypes of males.

As a society, we will greatly benefit from having a diverse and gender-equal AI

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence?

Provide medical advice

Provide patients with advice

Simplify the lives of people

Identify objects that we take for granted as human beings

From the web, information is fed directly into the brain

Enhancements to robotics

Replaces boring work activities

Analysis of big data collects more information

The production of drugs

Changing people’s behaviour – living a healthier lifestyle

The need for a healthcare system is reduced

AI is an integral part of our daily lives

Artificial intelligence is used in the following areas:

The use of smartphones


Feeds from social media sites

The banking industry

A surveillance system

The video game industry

It is imperative that artificial intelligence be regulated and its growth slowed, however, due to its rapid growth, this will be an extremely difficult task. It may not be possible to slow down the development of artificial intelligence, but we can ensure that more women are included in the field in order to address the problem of inequality and bias. Making sure that more women are recruited and that the algorithms are more representative of women.

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