The Town of Blackburn Has Been Forgotten By The British Government

There is a sense that the British Government has forgotten about the northern region of the country. Recently, I attempted to rent a room in Audley Range near North Road in Blackburn. A large overgrown field with a small play area could be seen from my window. Rubbish was littered throughout the area. There were empty bottles everywhere as well as bags of rubbish scattered throughout the field. Access to the property was through an alleyway that was filled with rubbish. A large number of nappies and empty beer cans were found throughout the area.

During my visit to the town centre, I noticed that there was very little for people to do. In particular, young people. For the younger generation, there appear to be very few activities taking place. They do have an ice arena that has been in existence for many years, but I did not see much else. However, besides many newly opened takeaway restaurants and dessert parlours, what other activities are available for young adults?

Investment is needed in areas such as the Audley Range and Whalley Range. Regeneration is urgently needed in these areas. These areas are home to a high concentration of ethnic minorities. In these areas, poverty is high and many people are claiming benefits

While searching for jobs online on popular employment sites, I noticed that very few jobs were advertised in Blackburn. Several hundred people applied for the same position. In neighbouring cities such as Preston and Manchester, there was a significant number of job openings. As a result, the question arises as to why there are not more job opportunities available in this area.

There have been times in the past when northern politicians have asked why the government is not investing more effort, time, and money in the north. Being born in the north myself, I would also like to ask that question.

Why has the north been forgotten, especially towns such as Blackburn? To bring about the kind of change that towns like Blackburn so desperately need, what must be done?

My opinion is that more needs to be done. Now is the time to invest in and make the changes that Blackburn requires. Provide more employment and training opportunities. Provide opportunities for young people to participate in activities and centres. It is also important to address the issue of littering, which directly contributes to climate change.

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