PINAC Documentary – Photography is Not A Crime

Project PINAC is a short documentary on auditors in the UK filming secure buildings, including police stations.

In the UK, there is a new trend of members of the public and citizen-journalists who turn up at police stations to film the interaction with the staff and the police. According to some, the auditors/ citizen journalists use their legal right to photograph and film, proving that photography is not a crime. These auditors claim that the police have no legal powers to stop them from filming in public spaces.

The PINAC project primarily focuses on citizen journalism, also known as auditing. This new journalism, known as PINAC, is of interest to photographers and photojournalists who film police stations, Ministry of Defence buildings, NHS test centres, and staff. 

During the making of this documentary I was wrongfully detained under section 43 of the terrorism act despite speaking to the met police film unit regarding my filming. 

Due to the harassment by the police during and after filming I was unable to edit the documentary to the best of my ability.

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