Depart is an ongoing personal project….

Waiting for my train to Birmingham at London Euston Station
My hotel in Birmingham

I did a little shopping

I then took a taxi to New Street station

Waiting for my train to Manchester
I boarded my train to Manchester and sat on my suitcase

24 hours in Blackpool has been amazing 🙂 I was a little nervous wearing my niqab in Blackpool. However, the people here have been welcoming. Everyone has treated me with respect. Cafe staff, taxi drivers and local shop workers have all been kind. I have been stared at a lot, but that is expected. The people of Blackpool are decent and good. Although I am a minority here, I feel comfortable. There was an incident outside Primark when a man of colour turned around and shouted batman. It did not upset me but shocked me a little. I’m trying to get used to such comments, but it isn’t easy.

The Imperial hotel Blackpool. The staff were amazing 🙂
Bingo in Blackpool

The sea water on my feet felt amazing

Washing my niqabs in the sink

I had to change hotel again. This is my fourth hotel in Blackpool. My charger and perfume were stolen from one hotel and the last hotel couples kept knocking on my door. They found it funny. Sadly moving around has been challenging and stressful. Although majority of people are nice here. I experienced some harassment. It was to be expected.

I decided to go to Blackburn to do a little ethnic shopping. Blackburn is only 45 minutes by train from Blackpool. My experience in Blackburn was fantastic however I feel more comfortable in Blackpool. I have my reasons which I will discuss at some point.
After several years I made it to this shop to buy samosas Alhamdulilah


Blackburn Market

Whalley Range Masjid

Working on my university project. I’m still in Blackpool at the forth hotel I checked into. Although the lady that runs this hotel took one look at me and said “we don’t have any rooms available” her husband kindly said “yes we do” the truth is they had 5 rooms available. I think the lady was startled by my niqab. Since that initial interaction the couple that run this hotel have been welcoming.

Many are asking “why Blackpool” Well I spent a lot of time here growing up as my sister lived here. Blackpool also has a lovely beach and the hotels are affordable.


I finally left Blackpool. I took a train to Manchester then Birmingham. I missed the last train to London Euston which was at 11.10pm. My own fault as I wanted to eat Pakistani food and took an UBER to Ladypool Road. I had to book a hotel for the night.

The Comfort inn Birmingham

Air drying my niqabs at the hotel

I decided to go and see an exhibition called “Backlash- Racism and the struggle for self defence” at Birmingham Museum.

Visually the exhibition was powerful with some graphic photography.

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