Ukraine Crisis – What We Know So Far

A population of nearly 44 million

Ukraine’s population is orthodox, with a minority of Ukrainian Catholics. The population includes Jews and Muslims.

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, age 44, is a former actor and comedian.

Russia invaded parts of Ukraine As a result, there have been civilian lives lost including children.

More than 500,000 people have fled Ukraine in just 4 days.

Thousands of people waited for trains to leave Ukraine.

28th February 2022 The president of Ukraine Zelenskyy has signed an application for EU membership.


Protests have taken place in Berlin, Georgia, Belarus, Prague, London even in Russia to stop the war.


Oil price over $110 a barrel

Chelsea Football Club

Roman Abramovich has put a £3bn price on Chelsea Football Club as the Russian tycoon prepares to end his ownership of the Club.


Vladimir Putin is engaging in “barbaric and indiscriminate” tactics to target civilians in Ukraine, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said.

Boris Johnson said the government was making it easier for Ukrainians in the UK to “bring their relatives our country”, adding this could end up being more than 200,000 people.

The Prime minister said British troops will not be deployed in Ukraine and will instead remain “firmly within the borders of NATO members.

In a report by Sky News British nationals who have no links to Ukraine and no military experience, are prepared to join the fighting in Ukraine and put their lives on the line.

Although their willingness to help is noble. On social media the response has been mixed. One user wrote

“The last thing needed in war zones are enthusiastic foreign amateurs with assault rifles”

The FCDO advise against all travel to Ukraine.

Priti Patel tweeted “Our Ukrainian Humanitarian Route will allow families to be reunited in 🇬🇧 & our bespoke sponsor route will give safety to Ukrainians forced to flee”

Many Britons offered donations of clothes and bedding for the Ukrainian people who fled to Poland

Countries Helping Ukraine

Ukraine refugees given right to live in EU for three years in new plan

Many countries have offered help and assistance UK, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium, Japan, Singapore and Netherlands.

China staying neutral.

Brazil staying neutral on the Ukraine invasion.

Poland and Hungary accept animals without documentation at the borders for those fleeing Ukraine.

Zelinsky appeals for foreign volunteers to join in fighting against Russia in Ukraine.

An international legion set up for foreigners to fight against the Russians.

On Twitter, Occupy Democrats Tweeted

“BREAKING NEWS: A group of American and British special operations forces veterans to announce that they’re heading to Ukraine to take up Ukrainian President Zelensky’s offer to “come and help defend” against Russia’s illegal invasion. RT TO THANK THE BRAVE VETS FOR DOING THEIR PART!”

In his latest tweet, President Zelenskyy wrote, “Also had a phone conversation with @vonderleyen Talked about concrete decisions on strengthening Ukraine’s defence capabilities, macro-financial assistance and Ukraine’s membership in the #EU.”

EU Providing fighter jets for Ukraine.


Putin ordered Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces are put on high alert.

Chechen fighters are ready to fight for Putin in Ukraine.

The Russian army continues its advance on Kyiv, with satellite images spotting an armoured convoy about 40 miles long.

Twitter Spaces

I spent 12 hours a day on Twitter spaces. What I witnessed is many of these spaces are hosted by military/foreign policy analysts. The hosts seem to be pushing an agenda. 

One particular live stream has been running for 72 hours, maybe longer. Comments from the host :

“Get rid of Putin.”

Bleed Russian money dry.”

“Maximize Russian casualties, so the Russians get rid of Putin themselves”

One space, “China, Russia and Ukraine”, streamed throughout the day. A Ukrainian woman broke down in tears as she was worried about her mother and brother. She said “, you all seem like you know about the war and what’s happening; please tell me what I should do.”

A host in this space from the USA who claimed she was a hardcore communist shut the woman down.

In the same twitter space, a man asked about China’s situation. The host verbally abused him, shouting, “shut the F up.”

What is increasingly worrying is the public are joining these spaces to understand what is happening in Ukraine. Instead, they are being dragged into a political argument and pressured into taking sides during the time of war.

Discrimination in Ukraine

Photo credit : BBC

We also know that Africans have faced discrimination while trying to leave Ukraine. Many have taken to social media and spoken to journalists about their treatment.

Ukraine conflict: Nigeria condemns treatment of Africans

Indians were left stranded too in Ukraine and their government were doing everything they could to get them out.

An Indian student was killed in Ukraine

@sikhhumanrights tweeted

We were contacted regarding a Sikh Woman who was beaten on the train in Ukraine with her 3 yr old daughter!

Ukrainian passengers punched & kicked her & told her the train was only for Ukrainians

Sikhs in Ukraine have been beaten by the Ukrainian Army & citizens”


Controversial News coverage

A former deputy general prosecutor said live on the BBC: “It’s very emotional for me because I see European people with blonde hair and blue eyes being killed” BBC presenter: “I understand & respect the emotion.”

His comments caused a backlash and many claimed it was double standards and the western coverage of Ukraine war criticized.

One twitter user said “Talking just like the nazis “civilized, European, blue eyes, blonde hair” etc.”

On the CBS news channel, a journalist said, “This isn’t place like Iraq or Afghanistan…is a relatively civilized relatively European.”

The comments caused outrage for the international community, especially those who lived through the Middle East and Afghanistan wars.

The discriminatory language used is shocking

Disinformation & Misinformation

There have been reports of fake videos and photos circulating on social media.

On social media there is misinformation and disinformation circulating. Here is an article I wrote on the subject.

The BBC debunked some photos and videos


Cryptocurrency analysts say at least 52 million has so far been donated through anonymous Bitcoin donations.


UN to hold 2 meetings Monday 28th February 2022 on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


Ukraine is not a member of Nato, so the alliance is not obliged to come to its defence.

Some Nato nation have been sending weapons to Ukraine to help its defend itself against Russia.

How Can You Help?

United Help Ukraine focuses on providing medical supplies and humanitarian aid, and raising awareness of the conflict.

The British Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal to help Ukraine. The charity will be updating its webpage with news on the work its team is doing, and how support will be used to help people.

Contact your MP

This post will be updated daily

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