“Get Out of My Country”

Get Out of My Country

A major strength of London has always been its diversity. It is known for its ability to be inclusive and welcoming of all cultures, religions, and nationalities. In recent years, however, London has undergone a number of changes. Far-right movements have grown in popularity, dividing opinions.

Women are more likely to be attacked or abused if they were wearing Islamic clothing, as more than a third of victims are visibly Muslim. Get Out of My Country is about my personal experience of being on the receiving end of hatred more than once. It was not long ago that I was subjected to harassment and intimidation in my neighbourhood.

This collection of photos illustrates how the harassment affected my life in a negative way. I felt as though I had become a prisoner in the comfort of my own home. Although I was experiencing turmoil around me, I used photography as a means of coping


Photos not included in the exhibition

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